Festival Yadnya Kasada Ceremony In Mount Bromo

Festival Time For Yadnya Kasada in Mount Bromo

Festival Time For Yadnya Kasada in Mount Bromo | Kasada ceremony. many questions from our costumers asking “When will kasada ceremony be held?”. Through this post we will give you information and the schedule about Yadnya Kasada Ceremony that will be held this year, and of course we also provide tour package to facilitate you in enjoying the phenomenal event in East Java cultural tour that held every year.

Festival Time For Yadnya Kasada in Mount Bromo

Tengger Tribe is a tribe that lives in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The visitors love to go there because of the friendly society. Most of them are farmers who farm on the slope of Bromo Mountain.
Bromo Mountain is also famous because of its beauty, that is Bromo Sunrise Tour, which become the main attraction for visitors beside of its natural beauty, as well as Teletubbies Hill, Savana Field, Whispering Sand, and Bromo Crater Tour which become the main destination in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Touring and adventuring by Jeep is making our entertainment become whole and fun.
Beside of the natural beauty, Bromo also has its attraction from cultural tour, that is yadnya  Kasada Ceremony, or Kasada Ceremonial Event, which held every 14th of Kasada Month based on Hindu Tengger traditional calendar. Offering Ceremony or offers (sesajen) is an activity to respect Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors, especially Roro Anteng (Majapahit’s daughter) and Joko Seger (Brahmana’s son).
Kasada traditional ceremony is held in Luhur Poten Temple, right at the foot of Bromo Mountain, from midnight until dawn. Tengger Tribe held this traditional ceremony to appoint shaman or traditional healer in every village around Bromo Mountain. In this festival, Tengger Tribe throw offerings such as vegetables, chickens, and even money to the crater.
Yadnya Kasada Ceremony always held every year. This event is a yearly agenda that has already recognized and registered in East Java culture calendar. In addition, besides the organizer, Probolinggo district tourism authorities, and even from East Java Province authorities give their contribution in the implementation of yadnya Kasada ceremony.
As reported from many sources that Kasada ceremony event is held every year based on Java calendar on 14-15 shawwal, and it is on 31th of July until 1st of August on Christian calendar.
Bromo Kasada Tour Package
We as bromo travel agent tour travel provider agent under the auspices of kampung travel provide Bromo Tour Package Kasada to facilitate you to watch and become a witness on yadnya kasada Bromo traditional ceremony event.
Here are the packages that we will provide ; private tour package with every accomodations such as bromo hotel / bromo lodge / bromo homestay and Bromo jeep that will accompany you exploring Bromo Tour Package 2 days and 1 night. Basically this package is a development of bromo tour package Midnight and sunrise bromo tour package.

Mount Bromo Tour Pacakage Option :

That’s all for the information and review about Festival Time For Yadnya Kasada in Mount Bromo Information and Schedule, hope it will be useful for you. For Bromo Tour Package reservation please contact our contact person.

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