Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo 2016

Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo 2016

Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo 2016


Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo | Bromo Mountain Jazz 2016 is an annual music show that held on Bromo Tour Area exactly at Jiwa Jawa Hotel / Java Banana Lodge, Cafe & Gallery, Wonotoro Village, Sukapura District, Probolinggo Regency.

This international music show performs ethnic jazz composition and held every year on the mountain area. The musicians perfrom in an open stage, roofed by the sky and surfaced by beautiful nature. The composition harmony between music, nature, and human produce a beatiful jazz and melodious Bromo mountain suitable with the motto.

This Bromo Mountain Jazz event is initiated by three top musicians who have extraordinary talent and very concerned about the art, they are Sigit Pramono, a banker and a photographer who loves Bromo and music Jazz, Butet Kartaredjasa, a multitalented artist, and Djaduk Ferianto, musician who is often invited in international event, and performs world musics with a dense Indonesian characteristics.

Since 2009, Music Jazz Event is held on an open stage "Jiwa Jawa Hotel in Mount Bromo", with the Bromo Tengger Semeru mountain’s beauty as the background. Music Jazz is held as a gate of heart for the freedom of soul, with the nature’s beautiful panorama that has become a symbol of authentic culture in the Archipelago. It is expected that jazz music’s presence becomes a power that can support humanity dialogue that can enrich Indonesia’s sensible culture, so that peacefullness can be the soul in jazz music.

Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo

On the implementation of each year one bromo jazz event is always full of visitors from different regions and tickets are always sold out. For this time the implementation of mountain jazz 2016 will be held on 19 to 20 August 2016, and is the eighth year since it was first held in 2009 with the theme "Party at the Top Jazz Merdeka Raya".

At this year's event, are among several artists from both within and outside the country who will perform. Among them are Ermy Kullit, Shaggydog, The Groove, Ring of Fire feat Bonita and Ricad Hutapea, Sambasunda, Dwiki Dharmawan Jazz Connection, Nial Djuliarso Trio feat Arief Setiadi, as well as Ian Scionti Trio (Spain)

Mount Bromo Jazz Artists

Bromo Mountain Jazz performs artists such as :

Days 19 - Agustus - 2016
1 Ian Scionti Trio (Spain)
2 SambaSunda
3 Ring of Fire Project Feat. Bonita & Ricad Hutapea
4 Ermy Kullit
5 Shaggydog

Days 20 - Agustus - 2016
1 Nial Djuliarso Trio Feat Arief Setiadi
2 Peni Candrarini
3 Ring of Fire Project Feat. Bonita & Ricad Hutapea
4 Dwiki Dharmawan Jazz Connection
5 The Groove

Mount Bromo Jazz 2016 Ticket Fee

Bromo Mountain Jazz Regular Ticket is sold to the public last March and jazz gunung has 2 kinds of ticket based on the offering last year, they are VVIP, VIP A And B, and Festival ticket. The thing that differenciate the ticket type is the spectator orders, but you will get individual seat for VIP ticket based on the fee.

Tickets also can be bought on the spot, such as 1 day ticket for 19th or 20st of Augt, or 2 days ticket for 19th and 20st of Augt, and here is the price :

VIP A Festival Apply For 1 Persons Early Bird Reguler
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 450.000 Rp. 500.000
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 450.000 Rp. 500.000
Day 1 & 2 (19-20 agustus 2016) Rp. 700.000 Rp. 800.000

VIP B Festival Apply For 1 Persons Early Bird Reguler
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 550.000 Rp. 600.000
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 550.000 Rp. 600.000
Day 1 & 2 (19-20 agustus 2016) Rp. 900.000 Rp. 1.000.000

VVIP Festival Apply For 1 Persons Early Bird Reguler
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 950.000 Rp. 1.000.000
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 950.000 Rp. 1.000.000
Day 1 & 2 (19-20 agustus 2016) Rp. 1.400.000 Rp. 1.500.000

Festival Apply For 1 Persons Early Bird Reguler
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 300.000 Rp. 350.000
Day 1 (19 agustus 2016) Rp. 300.000 Rp. 350.000
Day 1 & 2 (19-20 agustus 2016) Rp. 500.000 Rp. 600.000

That’s all of the information about Mount Bromo Jazz 2016, may it be useful for you. For your information, we provide transport in one bromo tour package, bromo ijen tour package  for you who wanted to watch Jazz Bromo Mountain, contact our contact person, or through reservation link for the reservation.

Festival Music Jazz In Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Mount Bromo Ijen Crater Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Mt. Bromo Ijen Tour Package is a combination of Bromo Tour and Ijen Crater Tour. Mount Bromo is still one of the most active volcano in the world. One of the best places must be visited in Indonesia. Mount Bromo located in Probolinggo Regency, only about 3-4 hours from Surabaya City. It has very beatiful sunrise, active volcano crater, and wide sea of sand. While, Ijen Crater with blue fire is located between Bondowoso and Banyuwangi Regency. It takes about 5 hours drive from Bromo.This package start from Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Malang or Bali (airport/train staion/hotel).


Day 1: Surabaya/Malang – Cemoro lawang Area
start mount bromo ijen tour, Our team will pick you up at the airport, hotel or station of Surabaya or Malang, toward the Cemoro Lawang Bromo Village about 3 – 4 hours with an AC vihicle tourist standard. Arriving in cemoro lawang area in Probolinggo Regency, then check in hotel and free program.

Day 2: Mt. Bromo Tour Sunrise - Ijen Crater Tour with Blue Fire
On 3.00 am in the morning, you will be picked up by Jeep from your hotels, villas, or homestay to view point at the top Pananjakan 1, the tallest view point on the edge of the Tengger caldera to see and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise with volcano of Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru as backround. Afterward, jeep will bring you back down to the sea of ​​sand (lautan pasir) and parking area. Then you can enjoy Bromo Crater by rental horse or by walking to reach the stair up where will lead you to the peak of Mount Bromo Tour. After that, we will bring you to the savana hill of Teletubbies, and the whispering sands (Pasir Berbisik). About at 08:00 am, Touring in Bromo is done and back to the hotel for breakfast, take shower, packing, loading bags, and chek out. We will drive toward Sempol Village, Bondowoso Regency, the closest village to the Mount Ijen Crater, for about 4-5 hours including stop on the way for having lunch at local restaurant. The trip to the Ijen Crater through some mountains, coffee plantations, and beautiful villages. Arriving in Bondowoso, you will stay at hotel, villas, or homestay overnight, free program from us. Dinner will be reserved at local restaurant or in hotels.

Day 3: Paltuding - Ijen Crater tour - Blue Fire - Surabaya/Ketapang Harbour
On 1. 00 am We will go to Paltuding, the point to start climbing to Ijen Crater, for about 45 minutes by car. Along the way to Paltuding, you will be served by the magical of java which full of big trees, giant plants, and adorable panorama that will remind you of java. Arriving at the parking area in Ijen, which requires approximately 1,5 hours to get to the Blue Fire (eternal flame) by acsending. Step by step your feet stride, you will feel a peace ambience, a calm heart, and you will get what you seek in this tour: young fool, slow time, and fallin in love once more and more. At the peak of Ijen, you will never close your eyes to see the perfect combination of sunrise,  the lake of sulphate, the stunning natural scenery with fresh air, of course and blue fire. Also, you can see the activities of the sulfur miners whom go down to the crater and climb back with about 82 kilograms load on their soulders. It is such a spectacular and a hardest job. After all enjoying the scenary of Ijen Crater, then we all go to descend the slope of Mount Ijen untill parking area and the last we escort you with three choices: transfering to the Surabaya, or Ketapang ferry port of Banyuwangi,  or Bali Island. The end of Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights .

Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya Airport, Hotel, Malang, or Bali Island :
Bromo Tour Package for 2 Days
Bromo Tour Madakaripura Waterfall for 2 Days
Bromo Ijen Crater Tour package for 3 Days

It is the detailed information about Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package. Hopefully useful for your tour. For booking this package, or bromo tour package please contact us.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package 3 Days 2 Night

Festival Yadnya Kasada Ceremony In Mount Bromo

Festival Yadnya Kasada Ceremony In Mount Bromo

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony | Kasada ceremony. many questions from our costumers asking “When will kasada ceremony be held?”. Through this post we will give you information and the schedule about Yadnya Kasada Ceremony that will be held this year, and of course we also provide tour package to facilitate you in enjoying the phenomenal event in East Java cultural tour that held every year.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony


Tengger Tribe is a tribe that lives in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The visitors love to go there because of the friendly society. Most of them are farmers who farm on the slope of Bromo Mountain.

Bromo Mountain is also famous because of its beauty, that is Bromo Sunrise Tour, which become the main attraction for visitors beside of its natural beauty, as well as Teletubbies Hill, Savana Field, Whispering Sand, and Bromo Crater Tour which become the main destination in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Touring and adventuring by Jeep is making our entertainment become whole and fun.

Beside of the natural beauty, Bromo also has its attraction from cultural tour, that is yadnya  Kasada Ceremony, or Kasada Ceremonial Event, which held every 14th of Kasada Month based on Hindu Tengger traditional calendar. Offering Ceremony or offers (sesajen) is an activity to respect Sang Hyang Widhi and the ancestors, especially Roro Anteng (Majapahit’s daughter) and Joko Seger (Brahmana’s son).

Kasada traditional ceremony is held in Luhur Poten Temple, right at the foot of Bromo Mountain, from midnight until dawn. Tengger Tribe traditional ceremony is held to appoint shaman or traditional healer in every village around Bromo Mountain. In this festival, Tengger Tribe throw offerings such as vegetables, chickens, and even money to the crater.

Yadnya Kasada Ceremony always held every year. This event is a yearly agenda that has already recognized and registered in East Java culture calendar. In addition, besides the organizer, Probolinggo district tourism authorities, and even from East Java Province authorities give their contribution in the implementation of yadnya Kasada ceremony.

As reported from many sources that Kasada ceremony event is held every year based on Java calendar on 14-15 shawwal, and it is on 31th of July until 1st of August on Christian calendar.
Bromo Kasada Tour Package

We as bromo travel agent tour travel provider agent under the auspices of kampung travel provide Bromo Tour Package Kasada to facilitate you to watch and become a witness on yadnya kasada Bromo traditional ceremony event.

Here are the packages that we will provide ; private tour package with every accomodations such as bromo hotel / bromo lodge / bromo homestay and Bromo jeep that will accompany you exploring Bromo Tour Package 2 days and 1 night. Basically this package is a development of bromo tour package Midnight and sunrise bromo tour package.

Mount Bromo Tour Pacakage Option :
Bromo Tour Package Madakaripura Waterfall 2 Days
Bromo Tour Package Rafting Songa 2 Days

That’s all for the information and review about Festifal Time For Yadnya Kasada in Mount Bromo Information and Schedule, hope it will be useful for you. For Bromo Tour Package reservation please contact our contact person.